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Our Gondolas

Our firm Cantieri Navali Brindisi (i.e. Brindisi Shipyard)is the first builder in the world of true replica of the Venetian gondola built in fiberglass with vacuum technology, furthermore our gondola is equipped with an anti-fouling gelcoat which reduces operating costs of the boat during the year.

Our Gondola has a the following qualities:

  • Innovation: to build the gondola we use vacuum technology, the same technology as Alenia in Italy used to build new max jumbo aircraft.
  • Easy row: it is perfectly balanced and this facilitates the rowing and maneuvering.
  • Resistance: longevity, if the wooden gondolas lasts on average 25 years, the composit gondola is eternal.
  • Design: The shape is perfect and smooth.
  • Cost: is a cheap product that has minimal operating costs with periodic maintenance work to be zero.
  • Training: we offer (optional) the training row.

The gondola can be equipped with different finishes that they are optional, namely:
Benches and seats, fore and aft iron, forcola, pillows, curl, oars, decorations, carved wood etc..

Loa: mt. 10.83  |  Beam: mt. 1.45  |  View Gallery