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About Us

Our firm, “Cantieri Navali Brindisi” (i.e., “Brindisi Shipyards”) is based in Brindisi (South-Eastern coast of Italy) and has been successfully building, since its inception in 1972, cruising boats and fast patrol boats, excellent examples of “Made in Italy” design and production.

Through various process and product improvements and developments, the company has built on its initial experience with the wooden boats reaching new frontiers in the use of modern technology and materials, such as fibreglass up to 30 meter long.

Our design capabilities, coupled with our general engineering and work flow management, are demonstrated by the full integration of the execution of all our projects within our boatyard, without external support or outsourcing; in addition, the technology utilised and know-how allow the development and creation of polyvalent boats which can be adapted for different uses and applications depending on the specific needs of the customer.

Our products

Our building system is vacuum technology, the latest generation system, which, for instance, is applied in Italy by just few boatyards. Over the last few years, we have dedicated particular attention to the study and development of naval vessels particularly tailored for shallow waters, while preserving our high standards in terms of reliability, speed, lightness and solidity.

In the particular sector we specialise, we have a vast product range, with boats from 7.50 metres to 22 metres powered by four on-board diesel engines and surface drive with top speed of 65 knots. To complete our boat range, we also produce Rigid Inflatable Boats (“RIBs”), developed on the basis of the most recent military naval techniques of anti-immigration and anti-drug interception, from 7.50 metres to 15 metres powered by diesel motors and surface drive.

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